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Sifu Rawcliffe ~ Close Protection Work

American ambassadors residence, London
Shaun Rawcliffe worked as a Close Protection Officer between 1979 and 2004 having trained in Corporate and Executive protection; Threat Assessment and Analysis; Audio and Electronic counter measures; Defensive driving; Weapon Systems and CQB unarmed combat skills.

He was first based in Northern Africa, later in Al Khobar, then Riyadh Saudi Arabia before finally relocating back to the UK, where he set up Close Protection Services at the end of 1980.
Miss Cynthia Rothrock, NEC 1995
Though most of his clients have been businessmen or women, Shaun and his team have also provided various levels of security famous Martial Arts film stars, sports people and media stars. Though he prefers anonymity, Shaun could be seen in the background during a British TV documentary about Martial arts film star, Cynthia Rothrock on one of her UK tours. He has frequently provided personal protection for Miss Cynthia Rothrock and was responsible for her safety and well being during several of her visits to the UK.
Shaun providing CP for Cynthia Rothrock

Shaun providing CP and stunt work for Cynthia Rothrock on TV
Winfield House, London
Until recently Shaun and his team still provided front-line security at the American Ambassadors personal UK residence, Winfield House , for the Independance Day celebrations of the 'American Society in Britain', working with the US ambassadors Protection team and the US Secret Service. Shaun has worked alongside, and in cooperation with, the Metropolitan Police Service, US Secret Service, the US ambassadors Protection team, Diplomatic Protection Group (SO16) and Various venues security teams including the NIA, NEC, Wembley Arena.
Shaun has featured in and written several articles on close protection and close protection training for various publications, including COMBAT Magazine, Later Magazine and Professional Security Magazine and he has presented security seminars for several companies including Unipart Corporate Security Services.
Today Shaun has migrated from protecting people to protecting corporate networks working in the ICT field as a security systems consultant and Penetration tester, before moving into ICT information security management.
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