Sifu Rawcliffe

Sifu Rawcliffe

Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe has featured in many publications including:


Wing Chun Kung Fu Weapons Training by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

Publication date September 2012.

Simply ...Wing Chun Kung Fu book
Following on from the success of Simply… Wing Chun Kung Fu and Wing Chun Kung Fu–The Wooden Dummy, Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe presents a thorough and valuable guide to the weapons forms in Wing Chun Kung Fu. The Knives and Long Pole forms provide advanced classroom training for the Wing Chun student and instructor. Weapons training focuses on core elements of power usage and precision, improving stance, structure and strength. Mastering control of the weapons focuses on the need for total body control and absolute accuracy of movement. The book covers the principles of the forms for Baat Cham Dao (the eight slashing or chopping knives form) and Luk Dim Boon Kwun (six and a half point pole) It gives clear, concise explanations of the shape, structure and movements of the weapons forms, and applications where appropriate. The book illustrates each section of the forms in detail with step-by- step photographs and provides an essential training checklist to each key technique within the forms. The book also examines the benefits of training in the weapons forms.

Wing Chun Kung Fu The Wooden Dummy by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

Published in June 2007.

Simply ...Wing Chun Kung Fu book
"One of the advanced training tools of the Wing Chun system is the Muk Yan Jong, more commonly known as the Wooden Dummy. Shaun Rawcliffe provides a comprehensive consideration of the Wooden Dummy techniques and uses practical applications as examples of how they may be used. · Covers the full 116-movement Wooden Dummy form as taught by Grandmaster Yip Man to his eldest son, Ip Chun, who then taught the author· Provides detailed explanations of the shape, structure and movements of the Dummy form, plus an example of each of the applications· Presents in-depth explanations of the principles and concepts behind the Wooden Dummy form and the supporting drills· Examines the scientific and anatomical explanations of the basic principles underlying Wooden Dummy training"
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Simply ... Wing Chun Kung Fu by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

Released in October 2003, second edition released September 2005 (to be published in French in 2009).

Simply ...Wing Chun Kung Fu book
This book is a technical, illustrative and diagrammatical analysis of the core theories and principles of Wing Chun. It aims to exemplify and define the musculoskeletal structure that every Wing Chun student and instructor utilises in the practice and deployment of their Wing Chun. Rather than containing glamorous photographs of the author, the book contains computer generated illustrations by the author based upon the hand drawn illustrations that he uses in his daily teaching and those included in a published article within the 'Grandmaster Yip Man Centenary Birth Book' (1993).
"In order to progress and develop in Wing Chun, it is vital to understand what you are doing, how you should do it and the reason and theory behind each technique and position. Therefore, throughout this book each technique and position is illustrated with its triangulated structure and support shown to reinforce the idea that the correct skeletal structure, combined with minimal and efficient muscular energy can create a shape that can withstand and redirect a much greater force. In addition, by utilising correct, efficient body mechanics, a small movement can be fast, effective and extremely powerful without undue stress or risk to the muscles, tendons or bones."
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Wing Chun Genealogy book
Ip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy by VTAA (2005)
Published in 2005 by the committee of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association to coincide with the 2nd World Wing Chun conference in Hong Kong, this is the most accurate and comprehensive Ip Man family tree and genealogy book to date.

Wing Chun 50th Anniversary
Wing Chun 50th Anniversary by VTAA (2005)
Published in 2005 by the committee of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association to coincide with the 2nd World Wing Chun conference in Hong Kong, this book celebrates the 50th anniversary of Yip Man beginning to teach in Hong Kong. The book contains articles and photos from Wing Chun practitioners around the world.

Wing Chun 50th Anniversary
Ip Chun 80th birthday publication by Ip Chun Academy (2004)
Published in 2004 by the committee of the Ip Chun Academy, this book contains the family tree of Mater Ip Chun and all his students. The book contains photos and articles from Master Ip Chun's senior students and schools around the world.

Wing Chun skill and philosophy
Wing Chun Skill and Philosophy by Master Ip Chun
This book contains photographs of Master Ip Chun partnered by Sifu Rawcliffe illustrating the basic principles of Wing Chun. The detailed text covers all the basic principles and concepts of the Wing Chun system. There is an excellent philosophical section at the end, 'the doctrine of the mean', which in itself is worth close scrutiny.

Ving Tsun centenary book
Grandmaster Yip Man Centenary Book by The Ving Tsun Athletic Association (1993)
This limited edition book was published by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong to commemorate what would have been the late Grandmaster Yip Man's 100th birthday. The book contains some excellent articles written by Wing Chun Sifu's from all over the world.

Chinese Wu Shu Association
Chinese WuShu Association Centenary book by The Chinese WuShu Association
Published by the Chinese Wu Shu Association in Foshan, China this book contains articles and features on all the main Martial Arts systems taught in and originating from China. There is a section on Wing Chun, Grandmaster Yip Man and Wing Chun's growth, through Yip Man's teachings in Hong Kong, around the world. Several Wing Chun groups were invited to be included in the book including Jim Fung's International Wing Chun Academy and Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe's Midlands Wing Chun Kuen, the Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association.


Combat cover
Sifu Rawcliffe has appeared in articles and feature stories in many Martial Arts magazines over the last twenty years including: COMBAT, FIGHTERS, KARATE and ORIENTAL ARTS, SAMURI (Italy) and QI MAGAZINE.
The September 1997 issue of COMBAT magazine Sifu Rawcliffe featured on the front cover and on the enclosed poster. Inside was an interview as detailed on the link page.
He is a regular contributer to COMBAT magazine and has written many articles on Wing Chun and has interviewed many well known Wing Chun Masters and several Famous Martial Arts film stars.


Video cover
Ip Chun Wooden Dummy Techniques by Legend Productions (1986)
This video/DVD includes Sifu Rawcliffe partnering Master Ip Chun to demonstrate Wing Chun Wooden Dummy applications.

Kung Fu Masters cover
Chinese Masters of Kung Fu by Video Martial Arts International
This video/DVD includes footage of Grandmaster Ip Chun giving a seminar at one of Sifu Rawcliffe's schools in Cheltenham. There is a short, but informative interview with Grandmaster Ip Chun, followed by an excellent demonstration of Wing Chun's Chi Sao by Grandmaster Ip Chun and Sifu Rawcliffe.

Sifu Rawcliffe also features on several other videos including:

Extravaganza cover
A World martial Arts Extravaganza by Stuart Promotions
The World Martial Arts Extravaganza was a gathering of martial art experts from around the world, demonstrating their skills in front of a nine thousand strong audience. Many styles of martial arts were featured including, Karate, Thai Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and several Kung Fu styles including Wing Chun. There were several special guests including Joe Lewis, Don Wilson and Leon Spinks. Guest of honour was film star and martial arts expert, Miss Cynthia Rothrock. Those who watch the video closely will be able to see Sifu Rawcliffe working in the background as Miss Cynthia Rothrocks personal bodyguard.
Combat cover
World superstars of the Martial Arts by Video Martial Arts International
The World Superstars of the Martial Arts was the showcase for martial artists from all over the world. It was held at the National Exhibition Centre Arena in the UK in front of a capacity audience of over eleven thousand and broadcast on satelite television. Special guest performers Bill 'superfoot' Wallace, Jean Franette and Guest star Miss Cynthia Rothrock. Sifu Rawcliffe and a few of his senior students gives an entertaining and unique insight into the explosive and devastating art of Wing Chun to the musical theme of 'The good, the bad and the ugly'. Sifu Rawcliffe can be seen working as Miss Cynthia Rothrocks personal bodyguard and also acting as peace maker come referee, in a 'fight' between Cynthia Rothrock and Bill Wallace.


Sifu Rawcliffe has appeared on Hong Kong and Chinese Television demonstrating with Master Ip Chun and representing the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, both in Hong Kong and at the Ching Wu Association in Foshan, China.
Sifu Rawcliffe has appeared on several television programs in the UK; giving interviews and demonstrations promoting Master Ip Chun's seminars. As her personal bodyguard, he has partnered Miss Cynthia Rothrock on demonstrations during several television interviews including Saturday Morning childrens shows, What's up Doc; the Word etc.
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