Midlands Wing Chun Kuen Class photos

A selection of photos from some of the classes.

All our classes are kept deliberately small and groups differentiated by ability when appropriate.
Lessons can consist of forms, drilling, Chi Sao (sticking hands) or application (Scenario) work, in the safe strile classroom environment to learn or outside in the messy , cluttered environment to learn to apply.
outdoor application training
multiple assailant scenario training
Single assailant scenario training
multiple assailant scenario training
Baat Cham Dao
blindfolded reaction ansd response training
'Rabbit run' scenario training
simple application practice
outdoor application practice
Partner Drilling
Siu Nim Tao practice
Chum Kiu practice
Solo Drilling
Muk Yan Jong practice
Application drill practice
Application training
Gung Lik training
Classroom training
Juen Ma Kuen group drilling
Jic Kuen group drilling
Baat Cham Dao training
Small group tuition
Close quarter application
Chi Sao training
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